Freitag, 24. September 2010

My birthday present from my beloved Sis xD Wake up cuddle ape

Yeahh I really love this present. I need when I have to go to a convention a second alarm clock. So my Sister has bought me this "Wake me up cuddle ape" for me♥

This alarm clock is sleeping when u turn the alarm on and wake you up with headbanging. xD
yeahhh hees so cute and I had called him "goku". I couldn´t find a better name for my new alarm clock. *hugs*

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

U-Bahn Skizzen

Some sketches I had made in the underground railway. The first one is one of my examples pages and the other one is Maik as vampire. ^^

Montag, 20. September 2010

A3 Scanner *_*

I proudly present my ne A3 scanner!!!!! He´s so amazing, I can´t believe it. He even has B4 JIS paper size. OHH YEAAHHRR It´s a real dream and I don´t need any annoying cables. *__* W-Lan rules ♥ And he can scann my stuff perfectly in the right file and dpi format.

Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Connichi und deren Folgen/ Connichi and the consequences

Ok Back from the Connichi one of the biggest Manga Anime Convention I´ll visit as Artsit and Fan. Now I´m back from this con and my purse is empty now. I had buy a lot of my nessasary Artist stuff and paid more than 390.420$ for the whole teaching aids.

Deleter B4 Screentones 47 tones
JR Deleter B5 Screentones 17 tones
Mono Tombo Ereaser
New Feather Brush (the old one was killed by my cat ;_; R.I.P. )
Special Bukuteki Ink (Yuu Higuri use this amongst other ink for her mangas ♥)
Kaligaphie Brush Pens
exchange cutter knives for olfa Cuter *__* (I used this cutter for scraping the highlights ... )
A special Nipholder/penholder

My New Nipholder/Penholder xDDD

THX to

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Shonen Go Go Affe gefunden +Handyanhänger Deluxe

So jeden Tag wenn ich von der Arbeit komme werd zu fast immer von einen kleinen Shonen Go Go Affen begrüsst. Leider konnte ich bisher nur ein nicht allzu gutes Foto machen, da der Affe recht scheu ist. ^^°

Anbei... Neulich als wir schwimmen waren... vor nen Monat hab ich das fotografiert...
DAS nenn ich mal Anhängsel o___________O"

Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Grimoire 2 ch 1

A page from my current project.... with japanese Text xDDD gramar failure or spelling mistakes belongst to google translator xDDD
I just want to see this page with japanese text >_>"