Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Connichi und deren Folgen/ Connichi and the consequences

Ok Back from the Connichi one of the biggest Manga Anime Convention I´ll visit as Artsit and Fan. Now I´m back from this con and my purse is empty now. I had buy a lot of my nessasary Artist stuff and paid more than 390.420$ for the whole teaching aids.

Deleter B4 Screentones 47 tones
JR Deleter B5 Screentones 17 tones
Mono Tombo Ereaser
New Feather Brush (the old one was killed by my cat ;_; R.I.P. )
Special Bukuteki Ink (Yuu Higuri use this amongst other ink for her mangas ♥)
Kaligaphie Brush Pens
exchange cutter knives for olfa Cuter *__* (I used this cutter for scraping the highlights ... )
A special Nipholder/penholder

My New Nipholder/Penholder xDDD

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  1. Hast ja echt ordentlich Geld ausgegeben. ô.O Aber dafür haste auch schöne Sachen bekommen, oder?