Samstag, 2. April 2011

Iji - WIPs

Hi there.

I wanted to show you some olds WIP from my latest Grimoire Iji merchandise Illustration for bags and cubs :3

Step1: Sketch
I had made this sketch when I was in the subway. So it´s not the best sketch I had made but I like this one.

Step2: lineart
Because I had decide to color this Illustration with computer I hade made the lineart with PS and MangaStudio. After I had finish the linearts I had color them in PS. I notice I´m not familiar with this coloring technique. =_="

I guess I made 1-3 Artworks with digital coloring.

Here you can see some WIPS where I tryed to color the lineart xD

Final Artwork for Bags, Cups and cards :3

I hope to get better in CG. I try my best to learn it. xDDDDDD
PS: Thanks to yaichino for helping me ♥

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