Dienstag, 1. November 2011

random stuff xD

this pages I had start during the MMC as livedrawing with MangaStudio to show
the visitors how this program works ^^

(ink + screens made with MangaStudio EX 4)

I´ll will finish this short story "movie star" in the next...3 years? xD
my little cat is slepping on my pages ... again xD
my editor and me at the nicon (german convention)
and YES there´s an onigiri at my face ♥
Next time I will upload some new Sketches from my subway skecthbook... ♥


  1. Deine Miez is ja herzlüsch ♥
    Die findet sicher auch, dass du nich so viel arbeiten solltest ÖAÖ

  2. the digital manga is dominating all. I do not feel satisfied with Pc programs but sometimes I need this

  3. nod I still perefere real screentones for my Mangas I work on but for small commissions I always use MangaStudio ^^

  4. looks good :)
    can I buy your comic Grimoire somewhere online? I searched, but I'm stupid, I didn't find anything ^^"

  5. Thx so much *cuddle* ;O;

    Grimoire you can buy for example at amazon:


    or eBay OO
    there are a lot of bookstores who sales this comic, but only in germany

    The english Version I don´t know where u can buy it. And there´s only vol 1 release.

    Vol 3 will be publish next year (march) in germany ^^

  6. Thank you ! :)
    German is ok too, I learned it so mostly I understand it, I just can't use it :D
    btw your books are very cheap, here I can buy one manga about €10, and usually translating is horrible XD