Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Grimoire goes Japan Be x Boy

So here I am again... ♥

Makoto Tateno was at the Mega Manga Converntion 2011 (MMC) in Berlin.
Now a there´s a small Report about this convention in the currenty Be x Boy Magazin (Februar 2012) . Also they had printed the Cover of Grimoire 2 in that Issue キャッヾ(≧∇≦*)〃ヾ(*≧∇≦)〃キャッ

Photo made by Nabi ♥
I have my Issue at home *__*
here you see a part of that report with my Cover ♥♥♥

PS: Makoto Tateno, Yamane, Hinako Takanaga and much more great Artist are working for that publishing house / Magazin *////////////////*


  1. Glückwunsch, das ein süßer kleiner Erfolg! :D
    Ich freu mich schon auf den 3. Band >///<!!

  2. it's a Japanese magazine O:
    You're awesome sweetie ! You are going to conquer the home of the manga O:

  3. @bevil danke mausi kissa <\\\<

    @goldentiger hi my dear hugs
    Thanks so much. someday I'll going to conquer Japan but that's only a dream at present xD
    Bur I'm really happy that they had printed my cover within that report

    1. you already took the first step ! O:
      best feeling ever !
      I think we all have the dream to get recognition from Japa... role models :D

  4. Wozu habe ich dir das Buch eigentlich gerade geschickt, wenn du's eh schon hast? D:

  5. Marika chan sugo---i

    ich habe noch nicht diese neueste Ausgabe Magazine ByBoy gesehen!!