Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Post your Questions - making a FAQ

Hi there ^___^

In the last weeks I got a lot (!!!!) of questions about drawing, projects an be a Mangaka and much more

That's why I decide to do an FAQ
If You have any questions about drawing, my projects, how to use Copics and so, just let me know :3

Just write your question/s in the comment below
I collect them and will answer them as good as possible ^___^

And if u have any Tutorial wishes like Copic stuff, special effects with screen tones etc just also write a comment below :3

sincerely Demo


  1. i would like to know, what do yo have to do when you whant to write over solid black, I know that in the japanese industry when you send a manga manuscript you write with pencil, and they do the final letering, that's why i have this question, thank you for your repply.

  2. How do you scan in a manga page, what DPI (or PPI) do you use and if it's black and white or grays.

  3. Mich würd mal interessieren, wie du dir merkst, welche deiner vielen Rasterfolien du wofür nimmst. Haste ne Liste? Rastereffekttutorials sind immer wieder gern angesehn *^*
    Ah, da steht außerdem was zum Scannen, kannst ja mal ne Abhandlung über Moirée halten. Das nützt sicher vielen :3

  4. ich würd gern übers scannen aber auch über dein papier was wissen... welches du benutzt, wie dick es ist und diese ganzen begrenzungen fürn manga. :)