Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

buisness card

ok I NEED new buisness cards...
the old one is cute and I love the old design but it's old... several years...

So now there are no one of the old card left I decide to print new ones. That's whay I start to design some new version of my buisness cards.

And now u can the my 3 favourite one and I can't decide which one I should use for the printing version.

What do u think? Which version is the better one?

PS: my mobile nummber and the QR code I had blur.

best wishes

Marika ^^

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

International Comic-Salon Erlangen Summary

HI there :)

Now I found some minutes to update my blog with a small summary of the
Comic-Salon I was visiting ♥

Ok just a short view what I had put together for the trip :3

hmmmm wake up time 2 AM to make sure that I don't miss the nightbus to the main station.
Our train was left at 4:37 AM so I had enough time made a visit by Mc Donalds ♥

The time ( nearly 5-6 hours) in the train was really funny xD
My darling was sleeping and also my big Iji Pillow. Both looks so cuuuuute together >//////<

one of two Artworks I had sketched and inked at the train ♥
*mjiaammm* Iji Pillow at 8 AM with Caffe Latte in front of the Comic Salon and still waiting that we could in xDDD
Me during I build up my table for the "Mangamarkt" at saturday morning.
Photo made by kokorotos [Anne D.]
Melanie Schober, a great artist in germany (Comic: Personal Paradise) and me ♥♥♥
Photo made by kokorotos [Anne D.]

I met a lot of my friends again I missed so much and I'm really happy to see them after a loooooong time. Wolfe, Melanie, my boyfriend, Iji Pillow and I was on friday evening at a all you can eat restaurant named Gingko... I guess I never had eat that much ^^° *sushi as much as you can see*

But I would go to the Gingko everytime again when I'm in Erlangen again ♥

I also got a great Fanart from the amazing YAA and a con-hon colaboration from the cutest and sweetes couble I realy want to hugs all the time. (Evelyn and Desirée)

I'm just a bit sad about some points... for example I couldn't get some entrys from Laburrini, FuXx or Def and some more friends and great artist who where at the international comic-salon erlangen. And I couldn't see Temelchen T_T

At this weekend I also had 2 Podium discussions.
And I notice that I still have my stage and photo phobia. I was really nervous and I guess I just talk nonsense the whole time. T___T

here you can see a part of both discussions where I addend with other great friends (German only)

Podiums Discussions
Germanga - Zwischen Pioniergeist und gespaltener Fangemeinde

Splash! Online TV
Dieses Video ist Teil eines Berichtes, den man hier finden kann.

Podiums Discussions
Doujinshi in Deutschland

Splash! Online TV
Dieses Video ist Teil eines Berichtes, den man hier finden kann.

Way Back Home or after the con
on the way back home ♥ and really tierd

*___* thx ♥ A screenshot from the blog

a weird photo from the podium discussion xDDD
photo made by
So all in all this international Comic Salon was a great time for me *___*
And thx to my company comic-culture-verlag for the autographsessions, thx so much Losti for the funny time at our way back home, thx also to Lemmy and so on ♥

Hope we see us again ♥

ps: sorry for my bad english >_>"

best regards
Marika ♥

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

an explosion grows up ( Grimoire 4 WIP)

Hi there :3

at present I'm sitting at Starbucks and work on a fighting scene of Grimoire Vol 4 ...

I was testing a new kind of explosion so I made some WIPs of my little new technique I was drawing the first time :3

hope u'll like it ^_^

1. at first I add some "bubbles" for the explosion
it's helpfull if you skecth thh explosion roughly wit a blue lead
2. After I add the bubbles I fill them with black. At present you can nearly imagin how he explosion could lok like :)
3. for the speedlines I used a ruler like you can see at the photo in the left corner.
3.b.  Speedlines are finished :)
4. Just add some details at the dragon ^^
next week I'll upload my summary of the international Comic-Salon-Erlangen... so keep up looking after this entry ♥

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

self-portrait: how you can find me at Comic-Salon-Erlangen

More information about the international Comic-Salon-Erlangen --> click
it would be glat if u visit me there ^^

PS.: the sketch and lineart I had draw within a bus and subway ^^

best wishes
we see us in Erlangen ^^


Full colored illu you can find
on Animexx