Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

an explosion grows up ( Grimoire 4 WIP)

Hi there :3

at present I'm sitting at Starbucks and work on a fighting scene of Grimoire Vol 4 ...

I was testing a new kind of explosion so I made some WIPs of my little new technique I was drawing the first time :3

hope u'll like it ^_^

1. at first I add some "bubbles" for the explosion
it's helpfull if you skecth thh explosion roughly wit a blue lead
2. After I add the bubbles I fill them with black. At present you can nearly imagin how he explosion could lok like :)
3. for the speedlines I used a ruler like you can see at the photo in the left corner.
3.b.  Speedlines are finished :)
4. Just add some details at the dragon ^^
next week I'll upload my summary of the international Comic-Salon-Erlangen... so keep up looking after this entry ♥


  1. Wuhuhuhu~! *w*
    Ich bin gespannt wie'n Flitzebogen!!!

  2. Woah :) die Effekte sehen klasse aus.
    Ich freu mich schon auf den nächsten Band.