Montag, 17. September 2012

Connichi -summary

Hi there

after nearly two weeks I'm able to write a short summary of the last convention Connichi.

Some days before connichi: my laptop is broken so I couldn't do the print advertisement for the new releases Nachtläufer ( Katharina Kirsch) and Zauberblume (Marina Eberling) T__T

So on thursday we were driven to Kassel. Because I had worked the whole night I wass sleep away during the travel. And of course I used my Iji Pillow I got from a close friend *__*

photo made by Leen oure driver and editor for the nouvels ^^

a small photo of my doodle :)
During the drive I also tryed out my ne watercolor paper... just some doodles for a project I want to made in future far away... ^^

But for the first try without any outlines at the car... I guess it's ok. Ähmm yeah I should redraw Ijis body xDDD

After we arrived Kassel we start to buld the booth stand of our company Comic-Culture-Verlag.

our booth (only a part of the whole stand) ^^

I really loved the booth... but it's a pitty that we don't have made a photo of the whole booth. but the next time we won't miss it. ^^

on the left place we had a whole table for autographsession where Marina, Katharina and me had signed oure books.

The middlepart we had sold the books and merchandise of our Company.

And at the right place I had my own place with MangaStudio *_*
In the next blogupdate I'll upload the new Illustration I hade made during the Connichi with MangaStudio in the next time (^w^)

here I add some other pictures from the Connichi:

during my work with MangaStudio. I had so much fun *__*
Photo was made by Anne Delseit ^^
during my autographsession *_*
thx so much at all who visit me, I had a lot to do but it was great!
Photo made by

I really love this photo and the crowns 
I got my new Yukata/Kimono YEAH

The crwon on my had was a present and belongs to my maincharacter Darian from Grimoire. THX SO MUCH to this great person >////> (PS: I'll made an special blog entry with that crwon and other presenst I got from fans, friends and so on) *_*

And I could meet my darling Micha again *missed her sooooo much* ;_;

PS: and Glas_Fuchs who mad my Iji Pillow and Iji Plush had made for the whole CCV Team and me an amazing bento >/////////////////> So for me it was one of the best Connichi ever xD

Ahh and I GOT (!!!!) an signature from Yamane Ayano *happy* But I couldn't finished my present for her and Hinako Takanaga. And I missed the Autographsession of Takanaga-sensei T_____T
And I couldn't meet so much people I really want to. Like Yaya Han or some friends ;_;

So after I got a new screen for my laptop I can upload some new Stuff I hade made with MangaStudio *_*

Also a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG THX to all who visit me or buy my works. Some buttons and bags were sold out and I meet so much amazing people during my autograph session ;O;.

Best wishes
demo ^^