Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Mini Tutorial- High clouds with screentones

Hi there ^^

Here I'm again.
Now with a small Tutorial how you can made high clouds with several screentons.

Sorry I have nearly no freetime so I just can add mini tutorials for you I'm really sorry about that. But I hope you'll like it ^^

The Art supplies ♥

1. Feather brush (for cleaning the tones and manuscript paper)
2. several cutters and exchange knifes
3.Gelliner and whith pen for effects
4. Tonhera and Tone Styler for fixing the tones

PART 1 Basic clouds:

1. I hade sketch the shapes of the high clouds with a blue pencil lead

1.choose the screentones for the clouds. I prefere Gradiations tones (here SSE 402)

1. Now I had scratch the shape of the clouds in the screentone to get a better view how it should looks like.

1. Add some more deatils :3

1. Cutte the needless screentones away (ps: save the tones cause you'll need the tone later for other pages )
1. Now I had add some more basic clouds below of the page for the balance.

PART 2 Shadow of the clouds:

1. for the shadow whitin the clouds I had uses a usual gradiation screentones and placed them on the place where I want to add the shadows.

1. Now I add the shapes in the screentones like with the basics clouds

Now I had remove the waste screentone I don't need.
for the shadows on the other side I had used a normal screentone for example like SE-71 or SE-40. I had put hem on the place where I want to add the last shadows.
now same stuff like before... adding the shapes for the shadows xD

and remove the waste tones and ow it looks like you had high clouds ^^


At least I scratch a sun and some mini clouds with te cutter so that the sky looks more "realistic"



  1. Mich würde echt mal interessieren, was für Rasterfolien du benutzt. Denn auf J-Stuff gibt es sooo viele ... *-*

  2. Awesome tutorial ! I love your tutorials with screentones :3

  3. could you do the video step by step how to scrach shape in screentone? because whem i'm trying to do it, i'm just damaging the paper